Food Tour: Ballarat

Travel is all about new experiences and for me, a big part of that is discovering new food delights.  While we may not be able to enjoy pasta in Italy or croissants in France for a while to come, you can still enjoy equally incredible food made right here in the Ballarat region when you stay with us.

So as they say, when in Rome…

Pack your shopping bags and let’s take a food tour Ballarat style.

Wilson’s Fruit & Vegetables

In addition to their farm-fresh fruit and vegetables, this third-generation greengrocer offers a substantial and primarily local range of specialty delicatessen and grocery items.  If you are planning a weekend spent staying in and relaxing you will be able to source all you will need for a weekend of delicious food right here.  Be sure to sample some interesting charcuterie cuts from Salt Kitchen in Ballarat.

Campana’s Deli

Cheese, wine, chocolate – Campan’s have you covered, and so much more at this fabulous old school deli right in the centre of town.  You’ll find everything you need to put together a truly indulgent grazing platter here and they will also help you select an interesting wine to pair it with.  Legendary local cake maker Sara Kittelty supplies their in-store sweet treats and if you happen to be coming through on a Saturday morning don’t miss her weekly scroll delivery.

1816 Bakehouse

Simple ingredients and artisanal skills combine within 1816 to produce incredible sourdough bread.  The queue can be long but it is worth the wait.  Pass the time drooling over their window display of speciality bread, pastries and amazing pies.  1816 is the exclusive supplier of all things “yeasty” at our properties.  Their loaves of bread freeze beautifully so stock up and continue to enjoy them long after your stay.

Mitchell Harris

Set in a gorgeous former produce store Mitchell Harris is a wine bar, restaurant and wine shop all in one.  Along with producing their own wine from their vineyard in the Pyrenees, they also stock an expertly curated selection of wines to take home.  Their expert knowledge will make selecting some incredible to enjoy easy, the hard part will be stopping at one.

Now that’s a food tour Ballart style.

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