About Us

Wonder Inns are uniquely created for your unique getaway. Escape into Victoria’s beauty, just 90 minutes west of Melbourne, leaving everyday busyness behind for a while.

One-of-a-kind accommodations and destinations for couples to reconnect or personal retreats; a Wonder Inn is more than 4 walls and a bed. A unique experience is available on both sides of each front door, with luxe interiors, concierge notes, and resources.

Established in 2020, an unusual first year of business, Wonder Inns is, too, unusual. 

Unconventional Dreams

We dreamed up our first business, Salvage Merchants, on a trip down the East Coast of Australia in our campervan. With an impressive combined skill set and a desire to tread more gently, we set about building a business creating authentic living spaces using salvaged and repurposed materials.  

We value doing more with less, driving change through example, connection over competition, and we don’t mind getting our hands dirty to create something truly beautiful.

Our second business adventure, Wonder Inns, provides havens of inspiration for others to have space to dream their own dreams. 

The story of Grayling’s Gift, the former life of Jean-Claude, and the coming incarnation of Mister Sturt all unfold with wonder. As we first transform properties, we’re enchanted with the possibilities of ensuring each guest has a unique encounter with the space. We work to ensure you have a stay you will always remember, and an experience you’ll never forget.

The invitation is open—experience Wonder Inns.

Hundreds of couples have experienced our Wonderology for re-connection and relaxation. Individuals seeking a retreat from the ordinary find it here. Come and enjoy everything the area has to offer. Leave feeling renewed and refreshed.

A stay you will always remember.

The experience you will never forget.

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